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Shadow Art

Maybe it's just the Peter Pan in me, but I think shadows are magical things. While our recent days have been chilly enough to require a bit of layering, there's definitely been enough sunshine to go around. Which has made for some wonderful shadows- and shadow art!

Shadow Art
The kids and I were having the best time the other day, walking around the yard and admiring the shadows. Isia kept holding things up to make shadows, admiring her silhouette in the grass. Then I thought, what if we were to include some paper in our exploring? So I ran inside and grabbed our large easel paper...

Shadow Art
Shadow Art
...and we began experimenting with our shadows on the paper. Don't the shadows look so nice and crisp on the white paper? We were enjoying them so much that I began to trace them. This would be an excellent activity for older kids, but my 3.5 year old isn't quite there yet. She was very adept, however, at over-seeing the tracing: "Mama, did you include any dandelions? We need to have more dandelions..." Until everyone was satisfied with it,

Shadow Art
and ready to move onto the next activity. Such as chasing each other around with big sticks (ahem).


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