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By freshlyplanted - 6:40 AM

Middle of the Week
Middle of the Week
Middle of the Week

Hello friends! This middle of the week finds me...

...enjoying this little bud vase, a recent gift for Cory as he finishes his school year. Not only did he really like it, but I get to see it daily too. Win, win.

...thinking more vases should have feet. Aren't they sweet?

...spending more time outdoors than in, soaking up this gorgeous sunshine. 

...proud of the big sister that Isia is becoming. Yesterday she asked me if they could both have bananas, then got them all by herself & peeled them before giving him his.

...happy that Billy can keep up with her these days, it's pretty much his full time job!

...blown away by how cool it is to see your children become friends. 

...admiring my fabric project pile: a vest in need of buttons, a half-way sewn dress, a basket half-mended, another basket in progress... I have some catching up to do! 

...trying to work on my paper pile too. Somehow shuffling it around isn't actually depleting it (ahem).

...creating our summer soundtrack, with lots of 

...looking for some new music to add- 
What are you listening to these days?

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