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create (a life): Middle of the Week

Middle of the Week
Middle of the Week
Middle of the Week

This week finds me...

...appreciating beautifully designed objects. Like this sweet little butter dish I just received from my friend Holly. Who's pretty great at bringing beauty into our lives (here). 

...indulging in making a few beautiful objects myself! This journal is my most recent creation.

...planning the "how to" journal post to share soon. It's such a great use of everyday materials... and large paper collections (ahem).

...navigating the stormy waters of a three and a half year old Isia.

...picking my battles wisely. Pajamas that don't match? Putting a dress over her pajamas to go to the museum? Sure! 

...realizing recently that she might struggle with blood sugar drops like her Mama.

...evaluating our snacks, and trying more protein-rich foods to help ebb mood swings. Homemade trail mix is really helpful for this! 

...hopeful that we'll be able to figure it out together- eventually. (smile)

What are you in the middle of learning this week?

Cassidy Sevier

Cassidy used to teach in the city, now she homeschools three active kids in the woods. She spends her days reading aloud, crafting, getting lost in nature, and refilling her teapot. Her best parenting advice: You should never give kids more water or glitter than you're willing to clean up! Read more about their learning adventures at Freshly

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