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By freshlyplanted - 6:52 AM

Once upon a time, my friend Holly, of Fat Rabbit Quilts, came over and showed me swatches of Aneela Hoey's Little Apples for Moda Fabrics. Well, this wasn't unusual. She always has beautiful fabric on hand... but this time the final product was meant to come live with me, yea!

Ok, actually it was a gift for Isia, but that still means I get to see it on a daily basis. It has found an appreciative home. She has a sense of the handmade, my dear girl, and for presents. Which means Whenever she gets tucked in, it's "Can you tuck me under my blanket that Holly made me?" She understands that Holly made it and that it was a gift to her. Those are pretty important ideas, I think, and I'm proud of her that she's internalized them so early.

While dressing she asks me, "Who gave my dress?" or "Who gave my shoes?" And she's so delighted to hear again where they came from, and to understand they were given out of love to her. She often stops to appreciate the gifts she's been given, which is great lesson to me. We should always take time to stop and appreciate the ways that the people we love stitch their ways into our lives.

The thoughtful details they add to our journey. The many ways their creativity inspires us.

 And the ways they help to comfort us too.

Because it would be a much longer journey without hands to hold along the way. Or quilts to snuggle up underneath- especially, as Isia says, when they're made for you by someone you love.

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