create (with kids): painting with billy

By freshlyplanted - 11:44 AM

I am enjoying learning about this son of ours. He is our gentle giant, only 14 months old and wearing 18 month clothing. He is enthusiastic about everything he does, but most of what he does ends up in his mouth which has made me a bit nervous to do much paint with him. Yes, it's non-toxic but that doesn't mean he needs to make a meal out of it. (wink) We've found our compromise this week with bingo markers...

First of all, it's easy for him to hold. Best of all, he has to turn it around to get the paint nub in his mouth which gives my Mama reflexes a few seconds to quickly intercept. I'm figuring as long as I can stay a step or two ahead of this kid, we'll be okay. (Actually we'll be fine either way- but it definitely makes a life a little easier!)

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