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It seems a bit silly to share Halloween almost a week after the event, but I will anyways- if only for posterity's sake. My time at the computer lately has been a bit sporadic, but for the best of reasons- I've been busy creating! My to-do piles have been eyeing me lately and I feared they just might open up and swallow me whole (ha). In all seriousness I have some serious holiday crafting ahead, but first there are more immediate, half-finished (ahem) projects to pay attention to. I have lots of sharing ahead- including the gesso goodness Isia was just working on this morning- but first let's take a look at our Halloween, shall we?

As promised, here's what we created out of our glittery finger paint (here).  I traced leaves on Isia's finger painting, cut the leaves out and hung them over our table. The clothespins allow for quick centerpiece change-outs! Then there was Jack, named by Isia. He was created by Isia and I- she dictated the details while I cut him out of construction paper. She enjoyed him immensely, saying goodbye to him when we left and greeting him when we got back. 

Finally there was Halloween! Isia woke up to a little note- with stickers and Dora Halloween coloring pages inside. Last Halloween she wasn't sure what trick-or-treating was, but this year she knew. Her costume went on with nary a fuss. Billy was Charlie Brown- I got the idea when I picked up that little vest for him last spring- and she was Lucy complete with white tights and black patent Mary Jane's. The mask was a last-minute addition that I wasn't sure she would use, but she did a great job of holding it up to ask "trick or treat." And all those treats?  A few were saved for her (and a few for Mama), but the majority was traded in at Noodles & Company for a small bowl of mac & cheese. Isn't that a brilliant idea? There was a little stomping of feet to accompany the handing-it-over, but well worth it!

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