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As I shared last week, here, Billy had a recent bout of Hand, Foot & Mouth disease. Bumps showed up around his mouth first, then they spread to his hands, arms and legs.

I didn't know much about it beforehand, but learned quickly there's nothing you can do but keep them as comfortable as possible. Oh, and keep them away from other little kiddos- which meant a Thanksgiving around little cousins was out of the question. I convinced Cory go share in his family festivities (Why should we all miss out on his grandmother's pecan pie? (wink)) then set about making our own little Thanksgiving happen at home.


At first, I wasn't planning on cooking at all. But the more I thought about it, and the happier Billy became as he adjusted to his bumps, I decided that we needed to at least to have a roast chicken from the store with green bean casserole. Which of course needed some sweet potato casserole for company. And some stuffing. And some of my Great-Aunt Sharon's strawberry pretzel salad for my strawberry-loving little girl.



We lit our candles, gave thanks, and sat down to our Thanksgiving meal together. Isia, as predicted, loved the strawberry salad the best. Billy's favorite was the sweet potato casserole. I was happy with the food, but my favorite was enjoying the company of the two children I know and love the best. And being able to fill their tummies with Mama-made food? I'm thankful for that indeed!

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