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create (Mama): a party mobile

We lived in our house for a year before I realized that the chandelier over our table would be the perfect place to hang things. Lots of things. Our most recent installments have been for birthday parties, which serve as sweet reminders for days afterwards of spending time with family and friends. 

Isia's birthday part in July was all about butterflies, which she loves right now. So we had many butterflies "flying" above our table.

Our butterflies are made from painted coffee filters. We used yellow and orange watercolors first, then later we drew and stamped on them too. 

 Then it was Billy's turn to turn One. We did a polka-dot theme for his party, but I wanted something a little more sentimental over the table. What could show how much he'd changed over this first year of life better than pictures?

Pictures to show a little newborn turning into a crawler and, as of yesterday, a full-fledged walker. As we realized last August when we met him for the first time, and found out he was a boy, life will never be the same again- in the best of ways.

Cassidy Sevier

Cassidy is a former art classroom teacher from the city, now unexpected homeschooler to three active kids in the woods. She loves nature, good books, large pots of tea, and creative projects with her family. You can read about their learning adventures and more at Freshly

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