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This week I'm: my way through "Vegan with a Vengance" by Isa Moskowitz. We're not completely vegan, but this book would keep us well-fed if we were. Do you see my homemade gnocchi above? So yummy, and simple enough for Isia to help! 

...finishing my first knitted holiday present, which I'll share soon. I need to cast on its twin next. 

...dreaming of knitting a cozy sweater vest for Billy. He has the perfect barrel chest, I think, to wear it well. 

...implementing putting Billy down to bed first so that Isia can have some quiet time with just me. Two nights ago was drawing while sipping on warm milk with cinnamon. Last night was puzzles on the rug. A much calmer little girl headed to bed afterwards!

...braving undies at night when Isia does go to bed. I realized that having her in "absorbent" night-time undies was confusing to her little body. We switched to just undies two days ago and yesterday was our first day without accidents. ((Large sigh of relief))

...reminding myself that there are inevitably more accidents to come (smile).

...wondering just how many of the chocolate chip cookies we baked yesterday were eaten by me. They're just so accessible on the cooling rack... and so delicious too. 

...deciding they were well worth it! 

Wishing you a happy middle to your week! 

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