create (with kids): oil pastels

By freshlyplanted - 1:42 PM

Keeping with the "good enough" thread of discussion from yesterday, let's also remember how joyfully simple creating can be. That sometimes a few simple materials are all you need. Around our house we love to use these: 

Their vibrant colors draw so smoothly- on paper, on top of collages, even on top of macaroni. One of Isia's favorite places to draw is in her sketchbook. As of now, I just buy her the $3 sketchbooks at the local drug-store. There's something magical about drawing in a book, especially if it's a special book just for you.

She has a tendency to get lost in her drawing, watching the colors transform the pages. And I understand, because it's a lovely transformation.

For a little girl, and for her Mama to witness. And the best of days find us creating side by side, her in her book and mine in mine. Because little people need to see the big people they love creating too.

Sidenote: These journals make great gifts too. We personalize the cover with the birthday kiddo's name- usually a drawn cover with a piece of contact paper on top- and include a box of something to create with. Thrifty, simple, and a great way to encourage a little person you love to create!

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