create (Mama): good enough

By freshlyplanted - 1:27 PM

 Ah, Pinterest. I love it so much, and I appreciate that it can give me a thousand beautiful ways to transform this wall:

into a busy board or toy cubby or wipe-off calendar or bookshelf or "fill in the blank." I appreciate that there are people out there creating and sharing, especially because I want to create and share too. But I've also needed to give myself permission lately to look at a blank wall that needs a fresh coat of paint, and just give it that- a fresh coat of paint. I've needed to realize that I am good enough as a Mama just because I love my kids. Of course I want to create with them, laugh with them, feed them whole foods, read them libraries of books, and provide them a spotless home. But the most important thing I can do is to love them... seconded only by allowing myself to be "good enough" just by doing so. It's only by allowing myself the freedom to be good enough that I can allow them that same freedom. And isn't that what we want for our kids? Freedom.

Of course handmade clothes don't hurt either (wink).

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