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By freshlyplanted - 9:00 PM

I have a panache for turning little things into Events. Especially when I get to try out new recipes the day of an Event. This fit nicely into my sans-kiddo life when I could afford time to make a plan B if plan A ended up being a disaster. However, this approach doesn't gel so smoothly with life plus two and all the last minute disasters- blow-outs, food explosions, wardrobe malfunctions- that come with them. So I was pretty pleased with myself for keeping it simple for Mother's Day brunch at my sister-in-law's. I deliberated on Pioneer Woman's Strawberry Cake, but settled instead on my favorite simple icebox cake that could be made the night before. It was pretty and delicious, but it still needed something...

like little banners made of toothpicks, embroidery floss, and little labels folded onto themselves. Just a little well-deserved panache for a well-deserved day! (smile)

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  1. Oh my I love that little banner! Too sweet!

  2. To some, this might just be a post about a quick craft idea you put together, but to me, it is more about your ability to adjust, and to embrace simplicity. This is something I can relate to - the turning everything into an Event! (You read my "Epic Review", right? lol! ;0 )

    I love the banner idea, because this would have come together so much more quickly than the banners I made for Mia's Teeny Tiny Breakfast. (My fingers still have not recovered from the glue gun. Sheesh! ) But I also love the idea of finding that balance between the desire to bedazzle everything and the reality of the limitations we have during the current phase of life...

    Thank you for this contribution. It truly embraces the idea of finding the {Magic of the Mundane}...

    1. I couldn't have said it better Sofia! I agree 100%

      What a wonderful idea!


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