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By freshlyplanted - 9:00 AM

I hadn't fully realized how quickly my baby was growing up until holding a really new, one-month-old last week. All of a sudden my reality shattered, and I saw Billy for what he is. No longer the little, utterly dependent one he has been for these past nine months, but a ever more mobile, curious little adventurer determined to keep up with his big sister. Not content any longer to see the world from Mama's lap, he wants his own piece of the fun. And he has quite the charm to add to the party...

 Don't let that demure smile fool you! He is quickly learning what funny is, and has already mastered the comedic punchline in a way that still alludes his Mama.

In a house full of jokesters, I am. They both get it honest from their Daddy. That's okay, I'll just keep providing the food and the laugh track (wink).

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