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create (a life)

We've been in our home for less than a year: not long enough to tackle big projects but definitely long enough to notice blank walls. And notice them again. And notice them yet again. Am I the only who fixates? (smile) This blank wall in our dining room has been especially noticeable recently.

But not anymore! I found this idea several places on the internet, and we already had the rod so I just had to buy the hanging clips. I love that Isia's artworks are more a part of our home- not just the refrigerator- and that we can change them out so easily. Yea for more places to hang art! Now onto the next blank wall... (smile)

Cassidy Sevier

A former classroom teacher, I now homeschool my active three kids. I'm passionate about creativity, curiosity, and finding new hiding places for my chocolate stash. Thank you for visiting!

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