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Time flies when you're having fun... especially when that includes raising a toddler! A recent goal has been to create more, as well as share that creativity more with those outside our household. Here is what we've been crafting lately, as well as some inspiration. Hope you find some too!

Isia painting onto the construction paper. I also had a heart stamp carved from half a potato for her to stamp with, but she was most interested in painting. This gave me the chance to join in the fun and help with the stamping myself!

I knew I hadn't been creating enough when I realized I was out of the 4x6 envelopes and thought about waiting to send them off until I bought more. Much cheaper- and craftier- was taking apart a used 4x6 envelope and tracing them onto spare art paper I already had. And, I am proud to say, the final product was in the mail early for Valentine's Day.

Where did I get this great idea for painting water on chalkboard? From this blog-
The Artful Parent - which I have been loving. So many great ideas for little kiddos! As you saw above, Isia loves painting and she was really fascinated with the water. I was a fan of the easy clean-up!

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