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create (Mama): jewelry

I write this in eager anticipation for my husband to bring home a newly filled gas tank to me to complete my studio down-stairs. Love to me is a husband who, in the middle of re-doing a kitchen, is thoughtful enough to move two old cabinets and a counter-top downstairs for me to use in my studio. We re-used as many cabinets as we could, but there were some still left over- lucky me! So I have had everything I need... except for the gas. And then my jewelry-making shall commence once more.

Here is a commission of wire-work I just finished a couple weeks ago. I was honored to do this gal's bridesmaid jewelry. She enjoyed it so much that she wanted some pieces of her own and so did her mother. These pieces were a lot of fun to make- especially since they included pearls from her Grandmother's strand.

*Note my new packaging- I just developed it and am so excited about it.

Cassidy Sevier

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