Thanks to Smartick, Our Kids are Fascinated With Math!

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Inside: This all-in-one Math program playfully challenges kids! For kids struggling with math- and those who love it!- it builds Math skills through daily practice, with built-in rewards that kids love. With fun games to continue learning! Perfect for busy families, including homeschool & multi-age classrooms. 

Thanks to Smartick, Our Kids are Fascinated With Math!
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I realized the quiet voices in the next room had just gotten louder.

Since we've birthed masterminds, collective voices (especially excited ones) are usually linked with plotting- this is how indoor pillow fights and sliding down stair races begin. I quietly crept toward the doorway to get a closer look. 

There was a competition, but it didn't involve pillows or stairs. 

It was our oldest competing in Math. 

As the kids clustered around the tablet, she quickly figured out her answers. Our son was narrating the problems to his 3-year-old sister like a wrestling commentator:

Do you SEE that pattern!
She's going to choose the yellow hat next. GO, Isia! 
She did that problem SO fast! 

Those are exact quotations, and I hid my surprise behind the door. 

There've been more quotations, too:

From our six-year-old, while multiplyingDo you know what 11 times 9 is? It's 99! Do you know what 11 times 8 is? It's 88!

From our eight-year-old, while doing logic: Look, I can do them now! They taught me the pattern. I LOVE logic!!

I still can't believe our kids were jumping up and down about Math (and this is from someone who competed in HS Math Academic Super Bowl.) And it's gotten me to thinking: Why is this so unusual?

The Math Disconnect

Why don't we usually see this much excitement about Math? As a former teacher, and student, I've been thinking about this & discussing it with friends. Here's a few reasons we've come up with: 

  • Focus on grade-level goals: One friend said her kid was discouraged from exploring higher multiplication tables in the class because "you'll cover that next year."
  • Repetitive: Who hasn't had pages of math drills in class? My younger self was a better day-dreamer than drill-doer, and I often felt like a Math failure because of it. 
  • One way only: When kids don't "get it" this first way, many teachers (especially ones who don't adore Math in the first place) are unable to adjust their teaching or demonstrate an alternate way. 

And let's be honest, if you don't love a subject - it can be hard to teach it. 

How Smartick Method Helps Kids

Disclosure: I received Smartick access in exchange for a review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I only share resources we would use as a family and believe other families would also enjoy. 

When first starting Smartick, we were most curious about our oldest who had recently become Math-relunctant. (The same kid who was competing for fun in a Math competition just a few minutes ago.)

We knew our Math-loving son would enjoy it- but we weren't prepared for him to rise over a grade level with it. 

Do you remember that grade-level goal above? I hadn't realized that was a hang-up for us, too, until Smartick blew it out of the water. Because Smartick was inviting him to try things that are one to two grade levels ahead- and he was mastering them. 

Smartick does not follow the official curriculum or State standard. Smartick promises to prepare your child to advance faster than in school and beyond what's taught in the classroom.

In other words, it's not grade-specific and kids often end up mastering concepts beyond their grade level. Why? Because these ideas are able to organically build upon each other. 

Our son loves addition, so Smartick built upon this & introduced multiplication: 

8+8 is the same as 8x2
4+4+4 is the same as 4x3
9+9=18 18+18=36 so 9x4=36
(You get the idea.)

He was already doing double digits plus a unit, but now he was adding double digits and quickly sped onto carrying. 

Thanks to Smartick, Our Kids are Fascinated With Math!
Smartick Win! Our 6 year-old son adding double digits with regrouping. 

We sneak peeks at his daily progress in real-time and afterwards via our parental portal. This lets you see every single problem they do per daily 15 minute session and how they answered it. 

Can we chat for a second about how much Math you can fit into 15 minutes? This kid averages 30 to 50 Math problems a day, perfectly adjusted to his level via AI technology. 

This technology also introduces a concept multiple ways, minimizing repetition. For example, 9x3=?, then ?=3x9, then arranging 27 into 3 groups, and so on. 

Thanks to Smartick, Our Kids are Fascinated With Math!
Using a digital abacus on Smartick to figure out a solution.

Frustration is minimized by this adaptive technology, too. It senses when our kids became frustrated (slower response time, multiple wrong answers) then bounces onto another concept before circling around later or returning to the original concept the next day. 

Thanks to Smartick, Our Kids are Fascinated With Math!
Math is child's play! Smartick fit well alongside our tactile Miquon curriculum. 

The best part? They love it. 

(And not only because they can use earned points to buy things in "their own" virtual world.)

It challenges kids in a way that helps them feel successful in Math and learning- then builds on those successes. 

That's the kind of education that's worth jumping up & down about! 

Smartick can be used as a:
    • complement to existing Math curriculum
    • stand-alone homeschool Math curriculum
    • daily challenge above & beyond classroom Math
    • intuitive Math tutor to help build skills & confidence
    • easy daily strategy to prevent summer Math loss

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Want to learn more about Smartick?

What's your family's favorite Math game or activity right now?  

Thanks to Smartick, Our Kids are Fascinated With Math!

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