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Tinkerlab Challenge: Egg Bombing Trees

This was an Isia-driven idea. We've been talking about how the trees are starting to bud, and how they'll soon be colorful. Well, she waited. And waited. Finally she asked, "Can we just paint them?" Sure, I said, not quite sure how we'd go about it. Yes, we've drawn on trees with chalk- but paint is a new one for me. Then I had an inspiration. We'd been talking about what to create with eggs for the Tinkerlab Egg Creative Challenge. Why not paint the trees with them?
Tinkerlab Challenge: Egg Bombing Trees

I started making hollow eggs for our Easter two years ago, and I thought this would be a good way to start practicing for this year's batch. So I hollowed out eight eggs (two per kid since we had friends visiting) ahead of time. Then, while the kids looked on, I squirted tempera into each using a chopstick to help push the paint inside. 

We stuck with primary colors- red, yellow. blue. For older kids (who can shake in a controlled manner) you can squirt a couple primary colors into an egg, let them put their finger on the top, and shake it up. Then they can see what color was made when they throw it at a tree. Because that is the next thing we did, one kiddo at a time: 
Tinkerlab Challenge: Egg Bombing Trees
Tinkerlab Challenge: Egg Bombing Trees
Tinkerlab Challenge: Egg Bombing Trees
Tinkerlab Challenge: Egg Bombing Trees

Judging by their happy faces, I would deem it a success! And the trees didn't seem to mind either (smile).
Tinkerlab Challenge: Egg Bombing Trees
Tinkerlab Challenge: Egg Bombing Trees
They're looking a bit more spring-like already! And it's fun to have another outside art activity in our repertoire. While I don't mind painting inside, it's nice to start taking our creative messes outside again. I think my carpet appreciates it too (wink). 

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Tinkerlab Challenge: Painting Trees

Cassidy Sevier

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  1. Love this Cassidy - pinning for next year - my kiddos would LOVE this!!

    1. It's so much fun! The kids are asking when we can do it again :)


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