create (with kids): the nature of chalk

By freshlyplanted - 9:00 AM

We're big fans of the standard drawing with chalk on the sidewalk around here. But since the sidewalks are in the front of the house and we spend most of our time playing in the backyard... well, we've begun to venture in some other directions...

It begun quite innocently, just a few drawings on the deck. Then some beautiful drawings started to appear on the table too.

And then the trees begun to get the chalk lovin' they deserve. I never would have thought to put chalk on a tree, but the little minds around me knew how lovely it would be on the bark.

And they were quite right. Isn't that texture great?

And of course, the flowers got some love too.

Because everything can always use a bit (more) color. They realize this, my little people, and are already so good at recreating the world around them. Making it a bit better, a little more colorful, and leaving me one happy mama.

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  1. Oh yes chalk... Bunny and her Pap were drawing on each other just last evening... Thanks for linkinng up, Cassidy! I hope you join us again (yeah I know it’s a day late… linky issues) at Eco-Kids Tuesday!!

  2. How sweet! My pleasure to link up, thank you for the reminder :) ~Cassidy

  3. I like this idea. Will do it this week.

  4. I like the idea. Does it harm/kill the tree?

    1. Good question! Chalk doesn't harm the tree at all, and washes away with rain.


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