Cotton Swab Painting: Budding Trees

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Our leaves are here! It just happened on Saturday. We went to bed on Friday to a sea of branches and woke up Saturday to a sea of green. It's amazing how quickly that happens. To celebrate our budding trees we recently made these:
Q-Tip Painting: Budding Trees
We began by studying the trees outside, and discussing how the branches connected to the trunk. "Are they bigger or smaller where they meet the trunk?" I asked. Bigger we agreed, then noticed how they got smaller as they moved away from the trunk. I lightly explained that this was to help the branches not be too heavy for the tree to hold. We then went inside, and the kids cut their brown construction paper into a trunk shape (with a little help for toddler Billy) and glued them on a blue construction paper background. I then poured a small amount of paint on a lid- helpful hint: never pour more than you're willing to clean up- and we painted our buds onto our trees. This was only our second time cotton swab painting and the kids enjoyed it a lot. 

Q-Tip Painting: Budding Trees
Q-Tip Painting: Budding Trees
Budding Trees
Aren't they a great way to capture spring? It's so much fun to share this time with our children, to see how quickly the world can change from white to green, from stagnant to flourishing. And to be reminded how quickly our little saplings-of-kiddos are growing up themselves. A gentle reminder that childhood is just a mere ripple in the pool- but what a sweet & far-reaching ripple it is!

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