Cotton Swab Painting

By freshlyplanted - 9:37 AM

Even though I've been teaching art for over ten years (yikes!) there are some things I've still not gotten around to. Or else I've done them so long ago I've forgotten all about them, which is a good possibility too. My kids are fascinated with cotton swabs- to the point that I've had to hide them away. So it was fun to give them the chance to paint with them, something I've been wanting to try. Since the cotton swabs are small and hard to grasp, they're excellent at building little hand muscles. And there are so many options for painting!

Cotton Swab Painting

Cotton Swab Painting

Cotton Swab Painting
There were lines and smudges of course, but teaching them to make dots was the most fun. And great practice for our next spring project, which I'll share soon. Inspired by our budding trees... and that's the only hint for now! (wink)

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Cotton Swab Painting

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  1. Painting with cotton swab also helps kids to be concentrated because it's a precision exercise... they love it!

    1. Great point, Angela! We'll definitely be doing it again.

  2. I love painting with cotton swabs! It is indeed a wonderful way to build those fine motor skills.

    Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a lovely weekend.


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