From Here to There

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From Here to There

I thought about writing a blog post a few weeks ago, announcing we were moving. It was going to include a few old posts to check out while things slowed down, and a nice Instagram link for glimpses of our moving process. It was going to be fantastic- until I decided against it. Because I thought I could keep up the blog along with packing boxes, running after two little kiddos, celebrating Billy's 2nd birthday, and moving to our new house in the woods.

Surprisingly (ha), I was wrong. 

As the mound of boxes grew...

From Here to There
...I realized I needed all my mental reserves- and then some- to stay above water. Although we've moved several times before, I really struggled with feeling overwhelmed by the process. Not only were we moving, we were selling a house with all the inspection and up-date goodness that goes with that. It was a bit more than my Mama-brain could handle. So I did the best I could, trying to stay present and give my best to the kiddos I love most. Some days I had the foresight to set up empty boxes for them to explore while I packed, or pipe-cleaners & goggly eyes to create play-dough sculptures with. 

From Here to There
From Here to There
Or setting up a play-tent for them to sleep in after their beds got packed away. But there were also days they watched back-to-back Bob the Builder's... or we ordered Chinese because I forgot all about dinner. Anything that meant arriving sane & intact into this new space together at the end.

From Here to There
From Here to There
And I think we've succeeded. There might have been a few bumps and bruises along the way- our piano can attest to that- but I think we're stronger for the journey. Not that the journey is over. There are boxes and boxes to unpack (oh my) and small-town life to adjust to. But we'll get there, hopefully borrowing some patience from our new wooded surroundings.

Welcome home. 

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  1. Congratulations on the move! What an incredible blessing and those last two photos just say it all! xo

    1. Thank you so much Sofia! It hasn't been easy, but I definitely think it will be worth it.


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