Creative Life: Summer Survival Kit

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Summer Survival Kit

Have you been keeping up with summer? I've been working on catching up with ours. There's been Isia turning Four, selling the duplex, an impromptu lake vacation, and co-planning a baby shower. Whew! And of course all the same laundry & such that never takes a day off. So I've been taking a little time off to catch my breath and figure out ways to make our summer run smoother- including this handy kit:

Summer Survival Kit
Summer Survival Kit
Summer Survival Kit
It's simple- an empty ice cream tub filled with essentials- but it's already proven it's worth. Yes, you could just fill a tote with these same items but I love how sturdy (and waterproof!) the tub is. Perfect for last-minute summer adventures, and easy for kids to carry too.

Our Summer Survival Kit:
-First Aid Kit
-Foldable Frisbee
-Sunscreen (not pictured)

Other helpful things to include:
-Collapsible Water Bottles
-Swimming gear & floaties
-Extra sunglasses
-Anti Bug Balm

What's the one thing you can't live without this summer?

Disclaimer: Some of these are Amazon affiliate links. If you use them to buy your supplies- at no extra cost to you- then we earn a small commission for sharing what we love. Thanks for your support!

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