Creative Kids: Backyard Fairy Garden

By freshlyplanted - 9:00 AM

Our backyard is much loved these days. There's lots of swinging & sliding of course, but there's also been so much exploration. The day-lily garden has become a jungle, the gravel path has been leading to treasure, and we discovered the perfect fairy hole in our tree. 

Backyard Fairy Garden
Backyard Fairy Garden
The kids and I decided to give the fairies a little help with perfecting their home. A rock border created with extra rocks from our yard, a little carpet of gathered moss, and a few stepping stones for nimble feet have been a good start. 

Backyard Fairy Gardens
And we've seen evidence of the fairies already! There have even been little seed cups set out from a nightly gathering (wink). Although we know that fairies rarely come out when humans are around, Isia hasn't given up hope. What fairy could resist a fresh carpet of leaves? 


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