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By freshlyplanted - 3:16 PM


This middle of the week finds me...

...juggling contractors & repair-men as we inch closer and closer (fingers crossed) to having the duplex sold.

...realizing it will be bittersweet when it does sell- An end of an era.

...reminding myself that every end has a beginning. 

...perplexed as to what our next beginning should be. (Don't you wish you could flip a few life pages ahead sometimes, just to sneak a peek?)

...making time for a few creative projects, including sketches for an upcoming mural project. 

...aspiring to make something like this with the kiddos next. Aren't miniatures great?

...sleepy from recent late nights trying to making it all fit in, which never works. 

...excited for some kid-less weekends this summer- especially the prospect of Sleeping In.

...thankful for friends who are filling our vegetable garden. I wasn't sure, with house selling, if we were going to garden or not. But free transplants? Yes, please. 

...appreciative of all your music suggestions last week to add to our summer soundtrack.

...hoping to get our playlist finalized soon- I promise to share when I do! (smile)

Wishing you a creative end to your week!

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