create (with kids): Sewing With Lids

By freshlyplanted - 10:41 AM

One of the side-effects of having a creative blog is constant day-dreaming about the next projects to include. I see visions of collage while loading the dish-washer, new ideas for painting while I'm packing the groceries into the car, and lots of sewing ideas everywhere I look. So I always make sure to keep my art journal handy for jotting it down, because life doesn't stop when you have a great idea!

This idea came to me while I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. Kids were in bed, house was quieting down, and I was washing another lid to add to our collection. I looked at it, and wondered what to make it into. We'd used lids for print-making, sun-catchers, and stencils- but we'd never, I realized, sewn with them.

To begin this project, I cut out the middle of the lid leaving a thin rim. Using a hole-puncher, I then punched out holes all the way around the perimeter. I threaded our plastic yarn needle, tied it off at the first hole, and handed it to Isia- encouraging her to sew across the open space in the middle. 

While older kiddos would probably enjoy doing this by themselves, my little gal wanted to "sew with Mama." So we took turns, handing it back and forth, sewing on it bit by bit. As we ran out of the green yarn, we added some yellow yarn, and finally some pink embroidery floss...

...before Isia declared it "finished." It reminds me of a dream-catcher, especially when it's hung in the window. Maybe it can catch all the germs that want to enter our house too? I'm still enjoying these healthy days! 

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  1. This is absolutely lovely! I just started sewing with my oldest (she loves it)!


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