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Middle of the Week
Middle of the Week
Middle of the Week

This week finds me...

...appreciating beautifully designed objects. Like this sweet little butter dish I just received from my friend Holly. Who's pretty great at bringing beauty into our lives (here). 

...indulging in making a few beautiful objects myself! This journal is my most recent creation.

...planning the "how to" journal post to share soon. It's such a great use of everyday materials... and large paper collections (ahem).

...navigating the stormy waters of a three and a half year old Isia.

...picking my battles wisely. Pajamas that don't match? Putting a dress over her pajamas to go to the museum? Sure! 

...realizing recently that she might struggle with blood sugar drops like her Mama.

...evaluating our snacks, and trying more protein-rich foods to help ebb mood swings. Homemade trail mix is really helpful for this! 

...hopeful that we'll be able to figure it out together- eventually. (smile)

What are you in the middle of learning this week?

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