create (Mama): Easy Beginner Knit Dishtowels

By freshlyplanted - 7:00 AM

As promised last Wednesday, here's my latest knitting endeavor. It was my first time to not knit in the round and to change colors. It was also my first knitting project that wasn't going to end up felted afterwards (like my bowls, here). Which meant all my stitches were going to be on display instead of safely tucked away in felted goodness...

...but I was happy with it. It was also my first time blocking, which really does make a difference. It didn't make my stitches look quite as good as felting- but it definitely helped!

The pattern is "Soft Knit Dishtowels" from The Purl Bee, here. You'll notice my color variations are different than the pattern- I was having fun experimenting with changing colors. And since this ended up being a bit of an experiment, I think it'll end up staying at our house instead of being added to our holiday pile like I originally thought. 

That's okay, there's always next time... (smile).

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