create (with kids): the life of a plant

By freshlyplanted - 3:12 PM

And lastly, we had to give our plant a new home. We discussed how when plants are little, they get all of their food from the seed they came from. But eventually, they need more food from the soil. So not only did a plant need a larger home- it needed soil too.

Isn't that Ball jar wonderful? It came to us as a wedding thank-you, complete with cilantro. We enjoyed the cilantro- while it lasted- and kept the jar close by for the next thing in need of a home.

 A chopstick handle was handy for making a hole for our plant, then tapping in the soil around it. (Much gentler, I think, to a delicate stalk  than Isia's excited little fingers would be.)

And then it found a final home on my windowsill, which ends up being a resting place for many good things these days. Please take note of Isia's new (well, new to us- wink) swing-set. Isn't the view great? It's even better when there's a busy little girl on it!

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