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As I was saying yesterday, here, it was a lot of fun to watch that little seed sprout its roots, then stalk, then leaves. In the end, we had a whole bean plant. Which is always the plan, of course, when you plant a seed- but still amazing, nonetheless. (Especially to me as a Mama these days, few things in my life go according to plan!) The first thing we did of course, was to draw our little plant. 

This is Isia's drawing of the plant. Can you see her leaves and roots? She was pretty proud of them. Speaking of roots and leaves, we took our plant out of the jar for a better look at it. 

While it's educational to look at a picture of a plant and point out the different parts, isn't it so much better to examine the real thing? So that's what we did, gently poking at it and discussing the purpose of each of its parts. We then talked about its journey from seed to plant, and what steps it had undertook to become the handsome bean plant laying before us. 

I dare say, the most intriguing part of the journey for Isia was the baggage left behind. Here she is holding the shell of the seed. She was amazed that the whole plant came from this tiny seed, even though she witnessed the journey. (I can relate- I think the same thing daily looking at her.)

Then we drew a diagram and talked about the life cycle of a plant. I tried to explain how the seeds are like babies, the seedlings like kids, and that the plants are like Mommy's and Daddy's who then grow new seeds. I don't know how much she understood, but that's okay- someday she will. Our next step was finding our little plants a new home, more on that tomorrow. 

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