create (with kids): glazed rocks

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As we spend more time out-doors, we bring more of it back in-doors within us. The grass I find as I sweep the floors. The sand that collects in pockets of clothing then spills out on the bathroom floor. The rosy cheeks and limbs that keep darkening in spite of vigilant sunscreen application. And, of course, rocks.

This was a kid-inspired craft. It begun with chalk drawing on trees, here, then the little ones got busy collecting and coloring rocks. A fabulous idea, I had to agree. But the thing that's bittersweet with chalk is that it washes off. What if we were to create color with a more permanent coating?

 First we needed to collect some rocks...

...and sweep them clean with our handy broom. They were pretty clean, but you could give them a good rinse too if you like.

Then you stick them in a 300 degree oven for ten minutes or so, until they're good and hot. Take them out of the oven, draw on them with un-peeled crayons and watch the colors glide over them. Gorgeous. Do make sure that little fingers are watched against touching the rocks. No one was burned, but constant reminders were definitely necessary. You may color the rocks first as below, then bake them, 

but be warned that the melting crayon smell will stick around for awhile. It also took me a few days before I was comfortable baking food in the oven again. Much better for the younger set to just color on the rocks and enjoy them as is. What couldn't use a little bit more color? 

ps. These make really sweet little paper-weight gifts, especially as a small set. 

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