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I never fully appreciated the sanctuary of a weekend before we had kids. When newly married, I woke up with the sun on Saturdays with ideas and projects- much to the protest of my sleep-loving husband. Not anymore! My best Saturday mornings lately include both of the kids waking up early then falling back asleep tucked into bed with us, then leisurely breakfasts in pajamas. Saturday mornings are an important benchmark of our weekend together, as are Sunday afternoons. So if I'm going to invite neighbors over for part of their precious Sunday afternoon, it should include sweet invitations and good food...

and what better food than cake? (smile) We had so much fun compiling these, and Isia really stayed involved through the whole process. We began by tracing a circle, then folding and cutting it into six parts on one color. We then traced a larger circle on a second color, then folded and cut it into six parts as well. We glued a small section on top of a larger section, trimming as needed so only the "icing" showed. 

Isia then did a fantastic job of gluing them onto the paper dessert plates. We only had ten invitations, and not much to include, so I just hand-wrote all the information on them before we glued on a paper fork. Isia continues to love glitter, and I'm continuing to try to keep it contained- especially with an adventurous baby on the loose. Our compromise was Mama gluing on the "icing" then Isia sprinkling glitter to her heart's content on it here:

It did help, but my favorite is still our egg method, here

Our finished invitations did include a full address of course (smile). I'm looking forward to the time together and the shared ideas. There's been talk of yard sales and a block party and at least one "Children at Play" sign since last year, it'll be fun to see what we can work together to make happen this summer. It takes a village, you know.

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