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By freshlyplanted - 8:37 AM

When we receive mail in our house, like here, it's not just an occasion- it's an Event. With lots of running around, twirling, and a few songs added in for good measure. So you can imagine the excitement surrounding our newest package...

...from Like Mother, Like Daughter. To celebrate her daughter's birthday, Mama Hannah had a giveaway of the book "A Tale of Peter Rabbit" which we won, yea! So now we own a perfectly sized Isia copy, perfect for carrying around, sleeping with, or reading to a certain little brother. The last of which is much preferred over the "mine" heard often these days as a more mobile Billy makes for an equally more possessive Isia. As we working through this new stage, it's baby steps all around: for baby brothers and big sisters- and maybe even for Mamas too (wink).

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  1. Oh Yeah!!!! Bunny has a good chunk of the book memorized! Hope you all have many, many good memories of cuddling up and reading our favorite book!

  2. Oh the mail IS magical!!! My daughter always gets excited when the mail comes... but when it has something for her... oh my! Bliss.

    What a great little book. I'm sure you're daughter will treasure it for a long time!

  3. These days, getting a physical package in the mail would be truly memorable since all they ever get are emails and/or texts from relatives. Man, the world has changed so much. *sigh*

    I love the "magical" quality to your second photo of your beautiful lovie... it makes me think that she is already in that "this is the best book ever" trance! lol!

    Thank you so much for contributing this to {Magic of the Mundane}...

    1. I'm sighing along with you, I don't think anything can replace the emotion you see in a hand-written letter. I tend to send lots of letters, possibly because I love to receive them so much myself (smile). As always, thank you for all that you do!


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