Thrive in 2017: April Goals

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This month began by sleepily stumbling out of bed and turning the calendar to March... only to realize it was APRIL. 

Which is why emails aren't answered until after morning tea, as a rule. 

We made the most of March, but it still flew by! The biggest adventure was traveling to the top of Michigan to visit friends. It was just the kids & I- my husband was beginning his own school adventure- and we drove over seven hours through two snowstorms to make it there. The time with great friends & beautiful views were well worth it. 

And now we know we can. Which might be the best takeaway of all! 

In-between snowstorm adventures, we checked off some other goals too. Not every goal was feasible this month, but some is always better than none. 

This is a preview of our homeschool arts & crafts area! After our basement flooded last year, all supplies were thrown haphazardly into totes. So we had to rifle through totes for craft supplies whenever we wanted to do a project. 

Creating became painful- and it shouldn't be. 

After hours of sorting and many dollar store shoeboxes, our craft supplies are back in order. Which makes us happier- and more creative! 

Goals accomplished this month: 

  • Organizing craft supplies & storage closet: Craft supplies done, storage closet in progress
  • Memorization work:  "A Sun Like Thee" by Eileen Hutchins
  • Complete two sewing projects: Three Homeschool Nature Hike bags sewn, ready for Etsy listings soon. I also hemmed our basement closet curtain. 
  • Knitting: Finished Isia's Tea Leaves cardigan

Homeschool Goals:
  • Begin planting our community garden plot
  • Science: Continue animal tracks and dissect owl pellets 
  • Memorization work: Psalm 100
  • Sing: "Swinging on a Star"/ Recorder
  • Enjoy the beginning of Softball season for Isia
  • Sign up for Summer Swim Lessons (for all kids this year!)

Blog Goals:

Personal/Home Goals: 
  • Take down our winter mantle decorations & put up SPRING!
  • Finish reading: "Olive Kitteridge" by Elizabeth Strout 
  • Mending: Isia's doll, Knee patches for pants
  • All photos off USB & computer onto Shutterfly

2017 Goals Completed So Far:  

  • Adopt a two-week rhythm, alternating Language Arts & Math/Form drawing
  • Blog series: Homeschool Art Lessons in Printmaking
  • Mending: Broken kitchen shelf, curtain rods
  • Marie Kondo photos off iPhone onto Shutterfly
  •  Disciple: The Glad Surrender by Elisabeth Elliot

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