Thrive in 2017: February Goals

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We begin each month by establishing goals and reflecting on the year so far. As I shared last month, our word for the year is Thrive. A recent homeschool goal has been to incorporate weekly chalkboards into our lessons. Within the Waldorf kindergarten/first grade, stories are introduced on the first day then drawn in more detail throughout the week until a letter is revealed. It's taken me awhile to embrace this rhythm. 

To learn the importance of latency as young children learn.

Another rhythm we're trying is block scheduling, which is new for us. Block scheduling is the concept of formally teaching a subject for a concentrated period of time, then letting it rest so the child's subconscious has a chance to work through it. It looks differently for different families. Some Waldorf homeschools adopt monthly rhythms- often three weeks of formal instruction with a festival week build in. We're beginning with a two-week rhythm- two weeks of Language Arts, two weeks of Math/Form Drawing.

Block scheduling is usually for older grades, but I'm going to approach Billy's abbreviated kindergarten work the same way. This will give us more space, I think, to incorporate games and activities too. This is our first month, so I'll let you know how it goes! 

Homeschool goals: 
  • Adopt a two-week rhythm, alternating Language Arts & Math/Form drawing
  • Complete our hibernation unit for science, and move onto animal tracks
  • Continue to study world geography with Isia
  • Memorization work: "A Sun Like Thee" by Eileen Hutchins, Psalm 100
  • Recorder/ handwork
Blog goals
  • Our weeklyish newsletter
  • Blog series: Homeschool Art Lessons in Printmaking
  • Waldorf chalk drawing post on our weekly boards
  • Complete one sewing project
Home goals: 
  • Mending: Broken kitchen shelf, hemming closet curtain downstairs, Isia's doll, curtain rods
  • Knitting: Finish Isia's cardigan
  • All photos off iPhone & USB onto Shutterfly
  • Marie Kondo our photos 

Whew! Even if everything doesn't get done (and it likely won't), setting goals helps me to prioritize my time. At least a little bit :) 

What goals are you working on this month? Would love to hear in the comments below!

Some of my blog friends are sharing their February goals as well:

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Christy at Hot Drinks & Conversation is nurturing the heart of excellence.
Kate at Kitchen Floor Crafts is working on balance and organization.
Cassie at 3 Dinosaurs is celebrating five years of blogging. This includes her amazing collection of free printables!

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  1. Great goals!

    Are you knitting or crocheting the cardigan?

    1. Thank you! I'm knitting the cardigan. I have only one sleeve & buttonholes to go- but it got put down in November and hasn't been picked up since. Time to finish it so she can actually wear it ;)

  2. I think you'll really like block scheduling. We've been using a modified version of it this year and the material really does seem to sink in better. The math in particular seems to "stick".....we still do daily review, but introduce new subjects only during the math blocks themselves, and he has just leaped through the concepts this year!

    Ok, that was a mouthful, sorry Cassidy! Let me know if you want some lesson plans I wrote for animal tracks and I can email them over to you.

    1. Yay! We were alternating days, but I think we're going to like this even better. Isia's been asking to do math since we're on our Language Arts block, so that's a good sign :)

      And would love to see your animal track lesson plans!

  3. The block scheduling sounds wonderfully simple. I'll be interested to hear about it.

    1. Christy, I'll definitely share more as we explore it! Simple is key around here :)


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