Treehouse School: Week 2

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On Homeschool Mondays, I'll be sharing a glimpse into our schoolroom and what we're working on. This year we have a Second-grader, a Kindergartner, and a Toddler in our classroom. 

This has been a juggling week of lining up tree evaluation appointments, getting caught up with paperwork, caulking & organizing the basement... and trying to be a present homeschooler. When Isia was younger, we would minimize curriculum during intense weeks and focus instead on longer bedtime story times and learning games with Mama. Now that she's in second grade, she craves the routine of curriculum everyday and will create it for herself if I get behind. So I've figured out some strategies to keep our learning routines in place during the hustle. Ones that help us get all most of it done.

Our Homeschool 2016, Week Two | Freshly Planted

The 17-Cent Daily Homeschool Calendar for Kids

This is the best 17 cents I have spent this year! One spiral-bound notebook, bought on sale at Target, that I fill with simple everyday learning activities & chores for Isia & Billy. It only takes me five minutes each (honest), but it's a great way for me to set the tone & vision for the day before they even wake up. Since Isia can read, she loves having more learning independence. She loves checking off her tasks, and even gets a little built-in screen time (checking today's weather, and Xtra Math for daily math drills).

Some things you can add to a daily calendar: 
  • Daily Chores: Bed-making, un-loading dishwasher, emptying trashcans, organizing our shoe area, & sweeping the deck are favorites around here.
  •  Daily Weather: Billy only draws the weather so far, but Isia also looks up temperature, writes a weather word, and now records the humidity (a great excuse to talk about percentages). Daily weather observations connect kids with their natural world and include science in your day!
  • Daily Quote/Verse Copywork: Memorization is a great way to instill values in kids, and build mindfulness. There are so many words floating around the world through type, screen & audio that it's important to fill our children's core with loving, purposeful ones that aid them in filtering the rest. It's a helpful practice for parents, too (smile).
  • Handwork: Simple sewing, knitting, crocheting
  • Sibling Activities: It empowers older kids to be "in charge of" a simple task with a younger sibling. The best way to strengthen your own knowledge is to teach it to others, no matter how young you are! Whether it's singing the "ABC song" together, doing a puzzle, or reviewing flashcards, it builds sibling relationships and personal knowledge, too.
Our Homeschool 2016, Week Two | Freshly Planted
Wishing you a great beginning to your week!

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