Breathing Lessons: Tea Leaves Cardigan for Esther

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It's been ages since my last knitting project. There have been a knitted dishtowel or two, but it's been over a year since I picked up my last pattern. One of the reasons for this lull was this cardigan. I bought the pattern, and I was so excited to start it- but I kept forgetting to buy the yarn. Then I realized I needed different size needles as well. So whatever new pattern I came across, I would remember:

Wait. There's that Tea Leaves pattern that I spent money on. I should be knitting that!

Then I realized that the pattern was for 0-24 months, and that- since Esther just turned 21 months- my time was limited. So I wrote out a list of what I needed to buy (fancy that!), printed off the directions, and picked up my supplies at my favorite knitting shop in Indianapolis. The main purchase being, of course, the yarn: 

Tea Leaves Cardigan for Esther
Madeline Tosh, Sportweight, "Shire"

Tea Leaves Cardigan for Esther

With all my supplies in hand, I finally cast on. And realized immediately that knitting is not optional. It's just not. Because when two kids start irking each other & I need to jump in? There's no better way for us all to calm down then, "We'll talk about this after I finish a few rows of knitting." Or when the contractors delay again, and I begin to feel for the fiftieth time like we'll never use our basement again? I can sit down, focus on the next stitch, and find my first breath. If I can find that first breath, it usually gets easier to find the breaths that come next. And the same for knitting, too. If we can knit that next stitch then the stitch after that, linking them magically together, something else entirely can be created out of them. 

Tea Leaves Cardigan for Esther

The beginnings of Esther's Tea Leave Cardigan! There's still another sleeve & buttonholes to finish, but it's over halfway done. With lots of learning along the journey: how to attach a sleeve, how to bind off in purl, and other little lessons along the way. And many breathing lessons, too (smile).

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