How I Made 50 Awesome Birdseed Favors in Just An Hour

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InsideThe easiest birdseed wedding favors ever! A fun, homemade gift for all occasions- with great tips on making them with kids. 

Birdseed Favors | Freshly Planted

This fall, our friends Jess & Chris got married. Jess wanted birdseed ornaments for wedding favors, and I knew- since we'd made these before- that I could create the 100+ ornaments in just two hours. (They're that easy to make!) 

So that's what I did on a sunny Saturday afternoon while Esther napped and the big kids played outside. Perfect for any day, and darling for Valentine's Day, these are one of our favorite presents to make- and keep. 

The birds are always happy with them, too! 

Here's the recipe, including tips to help them turn out well. 

<Bird Seed Favors | Freshly Planted

Bird Seed Favors | Freshly Planted

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  1. Spray cookie cutters with nonstick spray and place on baking sheet. Lay newspaper on a flat surface, large enough for all ornaments. 
  2. In a large bowl mix the flour, water, gelatin & corn syrup until combined.
  3. Add all birdseed to the wet mixture at once. Stir until birdseed is coated well.
  4. Spoon birdseed mixture into cookie cutters, using the back of the spoon (fingers work, too) to press mixture down and pack it smoothly.
  5. Poke a hole through top of each with a drinking straw. To use one straw over & over- poke a hole, then pinch that bit of birdseed into a bowl to throw outside. Small sections of straw can also be used, which is helpful when making them with kids.
  6. Carefully move cookie cutter to newspaper and gently press ornaments out. If they're not sliding out easily, you can let them set-up on the counter for a few hours first (although we don't usually need to).
  7. Let ornaments "cure" overnight.
  8. Pack in lidded airtight container until ready to gift. We will thread with yarn or ribbon for gifting and place in small plastic gift bags  

Birdseed Favors | Freshly Planted

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