Natural Living Link-up: Birdseed Favors | FreshlyPlanted

Natural Living Link-up: Birdseed Favors

Birdseed Favors | Freshly Planted

Happy Wednesday! I'm so excited to announce today that I'm now co-hosting the Natural Living Link-Up. My co-hosts are bloggers that I've enjoyed, who embody a lot of what's important to me- simple life, child-focused, and natural living- and I know that you'll enjoy them too. If you have a natural living post to share, please do! Otherwise, make sure you browse through all the goodness (smile). 

This fall, our friends Jess & Chris got married. Jess wanted birdseed ornaments for wedding favors, and I knew- since we'd made these before- that I could create the 100+ ornaments in just a couple hours. (They're that easy to make!) And so that's what I did, on a sunny Saturday afternoon while Esther napped and the big kids played outside. Perfect for anyday, and darling for Valentine's Day, these are one of our favorite presents to make- and keep. The birds are always very happy with them, too! Here's the recipe, including tips to help them turn out well. 

<Bird Seed Favors | Freshly Planted

Bird Seed Favors | Freshly Planted

Bird Seed Favor Recipe

3/4 cup Flour
1/2 cup Water
1 Envelope Unflavored Gelatin
3 TB Corn Syrup
4 Cups Birdseed
Cooke Cutter Molds
Baking Sheet
Nonstick Spray
Drinking Straws

Step 1: Spray your cookie cutter molds with nonstick spray, and lay your newspaper (or any scrap paper) flat on the counter to hold your ornaments. Place your cookie cutter molds on the baking sheet.
Step 2: In a large bowl, mix the flour, water, gelatin & corn syrup until combined.
Step 3: Add birdseed to the mixture, all at once. Stir until the birdseed is coated well.
Step 4: Spoon the birdseed mixture into your cookie cutter molds, using the back of the spoon (fingers work, too) to press the mixture down and pack it smoothly into the mold.
Step 5: Poke a hole through the the top of each favor with a drinking straw. I'll poke a hole, then pinch that bit of birdseed into a bowl to throw outside. This allows me to use one straw over & over, but you can also use small sections of straw if you like.
Step 6: Carefully move molds to the newspaper and gently press ornaments out of the mold onto the newspaper. If they're not sliding out easily, you can let them set up on the counter for a few hours first- but I've found that I don't usually need to. 
Step 7: Let ornaments "cure" overnight, then pack in airtight container until ready to gift.

Birdseed Favors | Freshly Planted

And now, the Link-Up! My co-host this week are: 
This weekly Wednesday link-up is devoted to natural living! Whether you blog about green living, recipes, kids and nature, or anything else natural living, we want to read it! Link up below, making sure to  follow your hosts on social media and commenting on at least one person's linked up post. 
Please note that the link up runs from midnight Tuesday to 3pm Tuesday EST.

Natural Living Link-Up | Freshly Planted

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