In Process

By freshlyplanted - 3:43 PM

In Progress

Because sometimes what I start with, and what gets posted in the end, are two different creatures. Everywhere I have read about how simple "rope baskets" are to sew. Since I had already created the fabric portion a couple years ago through hand-sewing, I thought it would be easy to add the rope part on top on my machine. I thought I only needed an hour and my basket would be complete.

I am sometimes wrong (ahem).

Not that it won't be easy someday, I think I'm on the cusp of getting it figured it out. And not that I won't enjoy it in the future. But it was decidedly not easy yesterday, and it was not enjoyable. It was a lot of tweaking and adjusting, and an even more lot of thread. But this is what we do, is it not? We work at it, tweak it- sometimes toss it around a bit when the littles aren't looking- and finally figure it out in the end. I will definitely share the result- it's not bested me yet- but I think the process is important too. Maybe even the most important part. 

Are you struggling with a project right now? 

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  1. Oh this is cool - I'm sure you'll figure it all out soon enough.

    I have too many projects on the go right now. I have to take a breath and dive into one. It would be nice to finish something this year!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. Yes, it's easy for me to bounce around between projects too! (This one is two years old- eek.) Wishing you lots of luck in finishing one :)


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