Sweater Vest Love

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As our due date quickly approaches- how is October 2nd just a few weeks away??- my knitting needles have been busy. This is the last project that I've cast on for friends, everything else to come is for the little bean in my belly. Whose convincing me everyday through their kicks & movements that he/she is not so little anymore! As I've shared before, we've never found out the gender before and this one is no exception. So this child is going to be a surprise, all the way around (smile). Getting back to the vest, this is one of my all-time favorite patterns. It knits up quickly & always look so charming on sweet little bodies. 

Sweater Vest Love
Here are the Ravelry notes to the last vest I made. The only modification here was to cast on size 9 needles. It's intended for a quickly-growing little guy, and I wanted to give him room to grow into it before this fall/winter. The grey is a wool blend that's washable, which makes it perfect for spitting-up babies and non-knitting mamas. And the buttons were a combination of what I had, and a quick errand to the fabric store. I really wanted teal buttons- his mama loves teal- but I couldn't find the right shade. So grey & white it is!

Sweater Vest Love
Sweater Vest Love
I'm currently finishing up the top and straps for the little creature in my belly's vest, so I'll be sharing that next. Which means we'll have a vest for Isia and a vest for baby. Billy David might need to be next!

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  1. Awww, this is amazing! So sweet.

    I can't believe your due date is so soon. That baby could be here any day now!

    Wishing you well.

    1. I have his/her sweater vest to finish first, then they can come ;) xx


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