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Salt Dough Alphabet

And our Kindergarten homeschooling continues! I'm hitting our curriculum hard right now because I know this baby is coming sometime in the next six weeks & I want to be comfortable taking a break. Although Isia knows all of her letters, she still sometimes forgets how to write them or writes them backwards. In order to find a tactile- inexpensive!- way for her to get a better feel for them, we've begun creating this salt dough alphabet together. 

Salt Dough Alphabet
Salt dough is so easy to make! Here's a great salt dough recipe from Imagination Tree, all you need is salt, flour and water. Knead it until it's smooth then start creating your letters. Ours are about an inch high, but you can make them as big as you want. After we finished them, we baked them in a 200 degree oven for a couple hours- turning them over halfway though the baking time. I then let them cool in the oven for good measure. 

Salt Dough Alphabet
When they were cooled off we could begin our learning! So far we've been tracing each letter, spelling out simple words, and putting them in alphabetic order. For our alphabet practice we put all the letters in a pile, then have her pick them out and place them in order facing the right way. A great way to work on letter inversion!

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Salt Dough Alphabet

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