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Rainbow Collage

Hello from the land of Kindergarten! As I’ve shared this summer, I was really having trouble with the idea of sending Isia to Kindergarten. While I love our local elementary school, I knew that I would miss our time together. So I kept praying about it, but I couldn’t find peace. Thinking it was in her best interests, we even attended Kindergarten Roundup and got her signed up. But still, I didn’t have peace about it. I kept debating it over in my mind, trying to talk myself out of homeschooling her. Then I asked myself, Why? Why was I talking myself out of it? And I realized that yes, I really did want to keep her home and continue this wonderful learning journey together. Of course I had to call the elementary school and withdraw her, which was one of the hardest parts- because then we would be "committed." But I finally did, and now we are!

Rainbow Collage
Rainbow Collage
(Because homeschool kids deserve a first day picture too)
Everybody has their own reasons for choosing to homeschool. The components that appeal to me most are the flexibility of the schedule (especially with a new baby arriving soon!), quality time with siblings, unscheduled eating (she's a grazer like her Mama), and lots of time for playing outside. Now if I was going back to teaching, there would be no question of sending her to school. But since I have the gift of another year home, I want us to spend this time together. And I’m excited for what we’re all going to learn with a new baby in the house. When Billy arrived she was a tender two years old, and doesn’t remember a time without him. She’s five years old now, and remembering more all the time (even more than I would probably like sometimes, ahem). So I’m hoping that this time will make a bit of an impression on her, and on Billy too, for when they’re ready to start their own families. 

Anyways, back to homeschooling! Part of starting this school year together, has been reviewing projects from last year. Including this rainbow collage:
Rainbow Collage
It took a long time to complete, but we're both happy with the result! She had a lot of fun raiding our collage bin for the different colors. They're hard to see, but I did draw some guidelines for her to glue each color into. However, they were definitely loose guidelines- and I love how the orange is ignoring them altogether (smile). 

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Rainbow Collage

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  1. Congratulations! It can be such a tough decision but good for you for listening to the whispering in your spirit.

    What a blessing that your little girl will also get to spend quality time with the new baby too!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! I look forward to following your homeschool journey this year too- it takes a village :) xx


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