Summer Solstice

By freshlyplanted - 10:51 AM


Summer solstice was Saturday, although we've been feeling its presence for a few weeks now. These warm days, and the impending arrival of this creature in my belly this fall, have been keeping us busy. I've debated whether we should do a summer bucket list like last year, and decided not to. I want to live fully into these days- these last months with this belly and just these two kids- without a formal list right now. I'm excited for the changes to come, but am realizing quickly that our days will never look the same again. And I want to cherish them, list-free, while they last. 

I have a head full of lists anyways right now, and it's nice to be able to use my time with the kids to step away from them. So instead of planning our days around a bucket list, I'm going to be focusing on how I want the day to feel instead. Do they (or pregnant me) need a restful day? An active day? A sentimental, memory-making day with a special trip? Slowing down and listening even closer to what we each need is how I want to spend our summer. Of course, a few days at the beach never hurt either (wink). 

Wishing you a beautiful start to your summer!

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