Fairy Houses & Other Treasures

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When visited by friends- especially those who still live in the city- their first comment is usually, "it's so quiet here!" I understand, I used to think the same thing. It has actually taken me awhile to adjust to. I had to seek solace in loud radio for the first few days- then I gradually turned it quieter and quieter before turning it off. Then I started to realize that it wasn't so quiet here after all.

Fairy Houses & Other Treasures
Fairy Houses & Other Treasures
It has a quieter rhythm, but these woods are just as busy as the city we left just eight months ago. There is always something new to see, if you stop and take a closer look. This is really their home, I often feel, we're just sharing it. 

Fairy Houses & Other Treasures
And the beginnings of our fairy house, for fairies hold the quietest rhythm of all. But even fairies need a soft place to lay their head! And Isia is quite eager to provide it, hoping to catch a glimpse along the way (smile). 

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