Easy Flower Cards

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There are so many big-kid, independent stuff I have to say no to these days. Can I walk to my friend's house by myself? No. Can I have cookies for breakfast? Nope. Can I have a ladder to climb on the roof? Absolutely not. So when she asked if she could play with our glue gun, it was so nice to be able to say Yes. That is how these flower cards came about!

Easy Flower Cards
We used foam flowers for ours, but fabric or felt flowers would work out just as well. Just glue them down where you like them- here's our tips for hot-gluing with kids- then glue a button on top. 
Easy Flower Cards
Easy Flower Cards
Easy Flower Cards
Easy Flower Cards

They're pretty by themselves, but you can also use a metallic marker or sharpie to write on a greeting. Perfect for quick correspondences, spring wishes, or Mother's Day love. You might want to keep your glass of water far away from the finished product though (ahem)- one of these days I'm bound to learn! 

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Easy Flower Cards

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  1. Just as I was looking at this, I thought I should see if my oldest would be interested in making these for her grandmas for Mother's Day.

    So very cute!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. Please share if she does! Would love to see them :)


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