Middle of the Week

By freshlyplanted - 10:00 AM

DIY Embellished Photos

This middle of the week finds me...

...writing the first middle of the week post in, hmn, two months?

...adjusting still to the move, and all the rhythm adjustments that have gone along with it.

...claiming "Hold On" by Alabama Shakes as my official theme song right now. 

...preparing for my next big mural project- eight examination room walls. My goal is to do it in four painting sessions. (My previous mural here.)

...planning & planning so that I can make that happen. 

...watching our leaves slowly change.

...wanting to do this experiment with Isia & Billy before our little paw-paw trees do. I don't know what color they turn & would love to find out!

...having perhaps too much fun playing around with their yearly pictures (wink).

...excited to share the finished products- and my methods- with you soon! I have to go figure out how on earth they can possibly be four and two first, that might take awhile. 

Wishing you a great middle of your week!

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