Middle of the Week

By freshlyplanted - 3:46 PM

Middle of the Week''

This middle of the week finds me...

...reliving State Fair memories with my Mama & kids from yesterday.

...excited that Billy & Isia enjoy the Fair as much as we do! Especially since we plan on going two more times. 

...anticipating another "Blue Moo" (grilled cheese with American & blue cheese, yum!) soon. 

...wondering if I need to find my own recipe when the fair leaves? I'm thinking yes. 

...working on short, sweet & to the point requests with Isia. I'm finding out "Shoes, please" works even better than "Please put on your shoes, we need to leave quickly please."

...thinking that I'm often guilty of choosing eleven words when two would work just fine. Short & sweet is easier for little ears- and sleep-deprived Mama brains.

...finishing up The Alchemist which was really enjoyable.

...happy that I picked it up at this juncture in our life. There are some Changes under-foot, I'll share the details with you soon!

...enjoying the rain out our window. It's been much needed & greatly missed.

...starting to see the beginnings of leaf turning around here, Fall will be here soon. We have just a few more things to check off our Summer Bucket List  first... then it can come (wink).

Wishing you a wonderful middle of the week!

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  1. Some great wonderings and reflections here. Short sentences... yes, we do that here.

    We have more summer bucket items to achieve too! I'm beginning to regret that we thought of so many!

    My husband told me that I have to read the Alchemist. It's on my bedside stand awaiting its turn.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. Everyone I've talked to has picked up the Alchemist at the "right" time. Your time will come! In the meantime, best of luck with the summer bucket list :)


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