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My parents have a nickname for Billy, they lovingly call him "Captain Chaos." It's fitting, especially since I found him in the kitchen today smashing eggs onto the floor. We have a frig lock, so either older sister helped (they're quite the dynamic duo) or he's figured it out himself. His curious mind is always busy these days- kicking down baby gates (honest), deconstructing books, and unlatching things. Not all projects captivate his interest, but this one did. And it's simple enough that you don't have to plan ahead, which is always helpful in my house!

This was the inspiration for the project. I found him busy scribbling on his masking tape label on his water-bottle and wondered what else we could cover with masking tape?

I chose a raisin box because I wanted to give Billy the option of investigating it at the end. I suggest an unopened box (if possible) because the food inside helps to support the box against enthusiastic little drawers. You could also take an empty box and stuff it full of newspapers or something else that they can explore. So many possibilities! 

And then he began to draw. He really enjoyed drawing over the ridges of the tape with his ballpoint pen.When he started to look "finished,"  I helped him turn it over to explore drawing on the back. Then he was off! He kept turning it over, drawing on most of the sides. 

He even came back the next day with oil pastelsand continued drawing some more. I always appreciate their brilliant colors, and how easy it is for little hands to draw with them. Crayons would work nicely too, especially these beeswax crayonsthat I've had my eye on for a couple months now. Aren't they gorgeous?

When Billy was finally done drawing, and shaking it to hear what was inside, I made a little slit on the top to help him open it up. It was the only assistance he needed. Soon the flap was off and he was pulling out raisins by the fistful (Is there any other way to eat them?). A sweet ending to a fun project!

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