A Black & White Easter

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Don't you love a great list? I created several this year preparing for Easter. Decorating techniques for our cascarones, pretty cake ideas, and all sorts of beautiful Easter basket inspiration. But then my grand-father, Cory and I all got sick last week, one after another- and I realized my focus needed to change. This was not the year for lists. So we enjoyed a very simple Easter instead: just a few decorated eggs, no Easter baskets, and not one sit-down meal. If you've been joining our creative journey for awhile, you'll know this downward trend has happened before. It's that intersection of creative bliss meeting real life, and needing to accommodate the best we can to make both happen.

Black & White Easter
Especially the life part. Because, I dare say, these kiddos were just as happy finding their Easter goodies in the bushes as a beautifully decorated basket. And they happily searched for the few eggs we made, not realizing how many my list had called for. 

Black & White Easter
Very few of our cascarones ended up getting crushed anyways. Even though we broke a few of ours to encourage her, Isia insisted hers were "too pretty" to break on anybody. I doubt her little brother will have the same hesitation next year! (A quick tutorial on the Photoshop effect above, here.)

Black & White Easter
Black & White Easter
Yes, it was a simple Easter. So simple, in fact, that I ended up leaving my real camera at home & snapped just a few shots with my iPhone instead. So all these lovely photos were taken by my parents, leaving me in the unaccustomed role of being in the picture. Hmm... and despite his look to the contrary, I promise that I did not steal any of Billy's Easter candy. 

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