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create (a life): Middle of the Week

 Middle of the Week
Middle of the Week
Middle of the Week

This week finds me in the middle of...

...nursing my last sick baby back to health.

...thankful for Western medicine. We don't like to use it often, but it can definitely come in handy.

...trying to remain positive as the flu and the snow remains. Although I definitely am...

...longing for Spring!

...trying to embrace this pause before the busy work of what's to come.

...succeeding some days more than others. (wink)

...borrowing the timely positivity of friends in the meantime.

...being grateful that I've remained healthy enough to care for everyone else.

...trying to rest so that I can remain that way. Wish me luck!

Wishing healthy days to you and yours!

Cassidy Sevier

Cassidy is a former art classroom teacher from the city, now unexpected homeschooler to three active kids in the woods. She loves nature, good books, large pots of tea, and creative projects with her family. You can read about their learning adventures and more at Freshly

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